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  1. Yurtle Yurts YURTLE YURTS   These people seem to be just starting their Yurt business. There is not much on their website information wise, but they do have a lot of pictures of their product which is still being developed i guess. This business is located in the United Kingdom. They are already getting requests for overnight Yurt rental. Must be a good business to be in right now in the UK. In fact, i think a lot of people are getting interested in this type of living, because i just watched a little documentary on groups of people buying unwanted land to set-up tent and Yurt type structures to live in. Good idea.

    ►We are Yurtle. We don't really have a website yet, but we've got a Facebook page. Maybe you have too. Maybe you'd like to "like" us? :-). If you don't have Facebook, that's cool - you can still leave us a shout on the right. We've been hard at work at Lee Moor Farm making some tools for Yurt-making - namely a pair of shavehorses. We're not just making Yurts from scratch, we're making them from before scratch. It's the Yurtle way! Made out of local hardwoods, these shavehorses will last a lifetime and help us make wall and roof poles for the Yurts for years to come! See the photos for a closer look.◄
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