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  1. A Euro-Yurt demonstration Yurt EURO-YURTS   Here is a business located in Holland as a joint venture with some Mongolian people. If you are looking for an authentic product built with high quality - then this might be something for you to look into. There website will give you some good pictures plus schematic drawings of Yurts they design.

    ►Euro-Yurts LLC is specialized in the manufacturing of Mongolian-style Ger, (or, as they are better known internationally, Yurts), for the more demanding customer, in Mongolia as well as world-wide. We believe buying a Ger is an investment that our customers will make only once in their lifetime, and therefore, only the best is good enough. Euro-Yurts combines the precision and reliability of European industry-standards with the best of Mongolian craftsmanship and raw materials. Only selected Larch-wood (15 years rot-proof!), processed on the best machinery, resulting in perfect joinery, the best choices of felts, inner and outer covers, and immaculate detailing in ironwork, windows, and general execution. Euro-Yurts' are better made than anything ever seen before in Mongolia: 95% natural materials, except in some important places where plastics are really better, like ropes and yarn, glues and windows. And all handwork, except where machines are more precise. More than any other Mongolian Ger-maker, Euro-Yurts LLC has 16 years experience with making, renting, and therefore continually standing Gers, in the moist, Western-European climate. In addition to this, Euro-Yurts pitch faster and easier than any other "branded Gers", due to the precision of the woodwork, and completeness of the package. EuroYurts does not strive to be the biggest ger-maker in Mongolia, we will make THE BEST GER for your money.◄
  2. Charley's Yurt CHARLEY'S YURT   This is Charley's Yurt. A DIY Yurt which they claim can be built for under $3,000. The starting link of this listing takes you to a YouTube video. On the right side of the YouTube page there is a list of other Yurt related videos for your perusal. There seems to have been an increase in the use of Yurts over the years. It is not the most popular of housing solutions but it has a following for sure. ►Published on Nov 27, 2013. Wood worker and builder Charlie Kain gives a tour of his first Yurt that he will be living in. The bulk of the materials were all natural and fair trade. Charlie is open to giving Yurt building workshops and building custom Yurts on your property wherever you may be located. Yurts can be used for yoga/meditation buildings, homes, sheds, and retreat accommodations. You can contact him at◄
  3. Picture of Minnesota Yurt & Owners NORTHERN MINNESOTA YURT LIVING   Here's a great article which i stumbled upon. Here is a good example of real Yurt living in a very cold environment such as near Bermidji, Minnesota out in the back woods.

    This is an area which offers low cost land (or did at one time) and few building codes (i think, you better check on that). The original article was done by John Enger a reporter for MPR News in Bemidji, Minnesota. ►Grace Brogan and John Kamman live in a Yurt. It's a squat round structure with lattice walls, a dome skylight and a few layers of canvas over the whole thing — think of a tent with stiff walls. Tents are great in the summer, but this is winter. In northern Minnesota. Why would two employed people with three master's degrees between them choose to live with only a quarter-inch of material between themselves and the elements? And how do they stay warm? To find out, I drove a dozen miles north of Bemidji on a recent morning and hiked a quarter-mile across a snowy field. It was not yet dawn, and from the outside, the Yurt's vinyl windows glowed with firelight. Inside, a small home's worth of furnishings lined the circular wall. A calm mutt named Mabel loitered near the crackling wood stove. The Yurt was actually a really nice place to be.◄
  4. Hearthworks Yurt HEARTHWORKS   This is a nice website with lots of information about their products. Billed as "The Home of Tipis & Yurts". They manufacture all their Tipis and Yurts and sell worldwide. You can either rent or buy a Yurt from them. Maybe you should consider renting first, then buy if you like sleeping in a Yurt.

    Amazon Audiobooks 30-Day Free Trial ►Hearthworks was formed in 1999 when its founder, Tara Weightman, decided to invest in his passion for simple living under canvas. Hearthworks journey with Yurts began over five years ago with our first Yurt made from coppiced hazel with an ash roof wheel and oak door frame. Our Yurts are styled on the traditional Khazakh nomadic Yurts with steam bent roof poles and lightweight roof wheels. As well as making many fine Yurts for sale, we have built up a lovely collection of Yurts for hire ranging from 12-32ft diameter. The larger Yurts make ideal outdoor event spaces for weddings and parties, especially when they are finished with Hearthworks luxurious range of fine furnishings. We now make our Yurt frames from locally sourced Ash – a durable traditional hardwood. All the wood is steam bent and fixed with pre-stretched nylon cord. We use coppiced hazel for the bracing on the roof wheel. We can also make the frames to your specifications, for example from Oak, or from coppiced Ash. The covers are made from the best quality 12oz/yd2 Cotton Canvas that is proofed against fire, water and rot. The main canvas is usually natural cotton color but we can provide colored trim on the roof wheel cover and valance.◄
  5. Yurt Life Video YURT LIFE VIDEO   This video features a nice little tour of a rental Yurt set-up in some park which a person can rent for a short while. I think it is located in a "Thousand Trails" type park in Washington state. This review was conducted for "KeeperofThemountain".

    ►Published on Jan 29, 2013. Have you ever stayed in a Yurt? It is almost like camping. Let me know what you think. This Video contains My Theme music which I own all rights to. It was written and performed by Warren Hartz. His Youtube Channel is: ● His web page is:◄
  6. Demo Yurt YURT TRADER   Here's the place you want to go to "Buy, Sell, or Rent a Yurt". This is really a great website and very useful too. I just discovered this recently. It specializes in Yurts but includes other shelter systems like livable Canvas Wall Tents, Tipis, & portable Toilet Systems.

    ►Visit our new web site to find a Yurt to buy, or post a free ad to sell or rent your Yurt or Tipi. Yurt Trader, the place to buy sell or rent a Yurt. Place free ads for new and used Yurts, Tipis, Wall Tents and Yurt rentals.◄
  7. SunTime Yurts SUNTIME YURTS   These people here do not make the Yurts they sell, all their Yurts are imported from Mongolia. However, they do provide Yurt platforms which look really nice for a price of coarse. They have lots of very nice pictures on their website, some showing how to put up their Yurts.

    Hardware Store ►Based in Seattle, SunTime Yurts imports Mongolia's highest quality handmade Gers (Yurts) to the Pacific NorthWest. The Mongolian Ger has been tested and tried for thousands of years in one of the most remote and harshest climates in the world. Over the years, the Ger has slowly evolved into a practical modern day living space. Chinggis Khan (Genghis) was the greatest emperor the world has ever seen. He was the Khan of the felt walled people. During his life it is documented that he stepped into only one permanent standing building, "Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World" by Jack Weatherford. If it's good enough for the greatest emperor, then it's good enough for you. During a 7 month stay in Mongolia I fell in love with the nomadic culture and the thousand year old felt home of the Mongols. After returning home to cookie cutter suburbia USA, I decided to add some culture and sustainable alternatives to our neighborhoods by dotting them with the white felt tents of Mongolia.◄
  8. The Kent Symposium Model SIMPLY YURTS   This Yurt business is different than most in that they seem to specialize in renting out Yurts for group use such as for parties, weddings or any large group activity which would like to provide a Yurt ambiance for the event. They have a very nice website with lots of pictures and complete information on their product.

    ►About Our Yurts. We spent a long time looking for Yurts that we could use for fine events in beautiful settings. In Mongolia we found them and now believe honestly we have the best Yurts on the planet. After three more years working closely with the craftsmen that make them we now have a unique collection of exquisite Yurts not matched in this country or anywhere in the world. With a variety of forms, and 6 different sizes, we can now bring the delights of the Yurt to almost any event be it a small cozy dinner or a grand Mongolian extravaganza. Explore the range of Yurts via the sidebar to the left or read more about them by clicking on the tabs above. Simply Yurts provide intimate, exciting spaces for events of every kind - from picnics to parties, weddings to wild weekends and film shoots to fire festivals. Mostly based around our colorful and versatile Mongolian Yurts, our events are an original and inspirational alternative to standard marquee hire. Our prices are reasonable, our attention to detail is exceptional and our service is both personal and professional. So, if you're looking for something different, be it in the UK or beyond, phone us or email us. And if you want to keep track of what we're up to, visit our news pages where you can click on the RSS symbol to be updated automatically.◄
  9. Ansgar and Tanja Heyer's Yurt in the bavarian Ammer Valley THE MONGOLIAN YURT   Billed as "The Original Mobile Home". This website is not selling anything. It is strictly a website explaining and promoting the Yurt as a nice shelter to live in. There are pictures, and text explaining the set-up of a Yurt, material used to make a Yurt, furnishings, and storage of a Yurt.

    ►The Yurt (mongolian: Ger) is the traditional dwelling of the nomads in Mongolia, as well as in the neighboring countries, over to as far as in Turkey. It is a tent-like structure made from a wooden frame and covered by wool felt. A traditional Yurt is very easy to collapse and assemble again, and it can be transported on no more than three animals (horses, camels, yaks). Today it will fit nicely on a small all-terrain vehicle. The constructive principle of the mongol Yurt has changed little since Genghis Khan's times. Only a few elements were adapted to newly developed or imported technology, such as carpentry. This made it possible to craft a wooden crown similar to a wheel in place of a simple piece of wood bent into a circle. Even more obvious are the use of a wooden door instead of a felt curtain, and of course the iron stove with a chimney in place of open fire. We have tried to collect as much information as possible about this beautiful dwelling type. We did so out of architectural and cultural interest, and also simply because we care. Even if the nomadic lifestyle is still very much alive in Mongolia, it will continue suffer more and more changes by modern influences, which may eventually amount to a real threat. We hope we can contribute a little bit to keep the tradition alive!◄
  10. Portable Travel Yurt ORIGINAL MONGOLIAN YURTS   I should have had this website linked here up on my site a long time ago. For those of you looking for an original handmade Yurt this is a possible source for you. Hopefully as i write this they are still in business and still have their distributor in Ohio. Picture on the right is of their portable "Travel Yurt".

    ►Thank you for your interest in one of the world's most practically and attractively designed habitations. The Mongolian Yurt, or Ger as it is known in Mongolia itself, has been used Simple Recipes for thousands of years by the nomads of Central Asia and is still a common sight in many countries in the region. We are a Yurt producer located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We supply Yurts to the Mongolian domestic market, and export our original Mongolian Yurts to the USA. Our representative is located in Columbus, Ohio. We have a broad choice of Mongolian Yurts for sale. All of our Yurts (Gers) and furniture are entirely hand-made and can be modified to suit the customer's taste. Please visit the "Yurt types" section of the website to see the wide variety of Yurts for sale. Our "photo gallery" section has some nice Mongolian Yurt pictures. We hope that you will find our "History of Yurts," and "Yurts and nomads" sections interesting and the "Yurt size" and "Assembling" sections informative. With its unique design, structure and practical features, the Yurt is still a popular habitation. Mongolian Yurts (Ger) are attracting interest from people in many parts of the world as an ecologically friendly and attractive living space that can be used for a variety of purposes. If you decide to buy a Mongolian Yurt from us, please visit the "How to buy" section. If you are interested in traveling to Mongolia to learn about Mongolian culture and visit Mongolian nomads living in Ger (Yurt), please check our sister company's website for your Mongolia travel arrangement. Thank you; we hope you enjoy our website.◄
  11. 16ft Nomad Basic Yurt LIGHT FEET YURTS   This Yurt business located in California has a different approach using sometimes recycled materials to build good looking Yurts, take a look at their website - it is a little different than most Yurt sites.

    ►The Light Feet Mission is focused on using Eco friendly materials with the intent of leaving a lighter footprint on our environment. Using as many "Green" materials as possible each Yurt is hand crafted with recycled vinyl canvas coverings and all lumber milled from Salvage Logs. The "Nomad" is designed to be the most cost effective, economical, inexpensive and easily portable Yurt available. 16-foot Yurts have been the most common size used by nomadic families in the region of Mongolia for many centuries. This size proves to be the most cost effective and easiest to manufacture and utilize as a mobile home.◄
  12. Well Lit Yurt on the trail LEADVILLE BACK COUNTRY YURTS   This listing here is a little different in that Yurts are not being sold, but only used exclusively for this hiking-snowshoe/skiing trail project located in Leadville, Colorado. The Yurts are being used to accommodate hikers and skiers for their over-night stays along this pre-planned route located high up in the mountains.

    ►Welcome to the Emma and Marceline Yurts! Open Your Door and Explore . . . The Yurts are located at 12,000 feet above Empire Reservoir in Leadville, Colorado, west of the Mosquito range. Our Yurts offer unique lodging, spectacular views, intimate contact with the land, and endless recreational opportunities. To provide a more isolated experience, we have limited the number of Yurts in the area to two: The Emma Yurt and the Marceline Yurt. Each Yurt sleeps five comfortably and is equipped with one double bed and three single bunk beds, a wood stove, firewood and an ax, a propane cooking stove, a propane light, table and chairs, basic cooking utensils and dishes. This newest Colorado Yurt system embodies style and comfort. Cozy-up, or use the Yurts as a base camp to explore the thousands of acres of public lands that make up their backyard: Empire Gulch, Empire Reservoir, and Gold Basin are the pristine playground that awaits the adventurer in you. According to the season, you may choose to hike, mountain bike, ski, snowshoe, horseback ride, hunt, view and photograph wildlife, paint the autumn colors, or enjoy the lazy pleasures of gazing at the natural beauty of the area and visiting with friends.◄
  13. Yurtco Yurts YURTCO   This company is located in British Columbia Canada. They do have a very beautiful website with lots of pictures of their product. The photo section of their website shows some beautiful examples of Yurts they build.

    ►YURTCO Yurts are available in sizes ranging from 8ft to 32ft in diameter, and every one is hand-crafted and uniquely designed just for you. Doors and windows (including glass windows) in styles and colors of your choice, are placed in locations to suit the landscape and your interior furnishings. The beautiful pole rafters are made from stained Lodge pole Pine. Fully insulated to withstand freezing cold temperatures, Yurts are ideal for year-round living, including cottages, offices, galleries, studios, meditation centers, ski cabins, classrooms, retreats, gazebos and much more. YURTCO Yurts are constructed of the finest quality materials available and are engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. Quality built in Canada, designed to last . . . Your satisfaction is guaranteed!►
  14. Small Yurt KAZAKH YURT   This Yurt business based in Kazakhstan make probably the most authentic looking Yurt product i have ever seen and i have not actually seen any Yurts. They certainly make a beautiful product.

    ►We offer Yurts for sale from Kazakhstan with a traditional interior. The size of this hand made Yurt for sale is 5.5 meter (18ft). Height of a lateral wall - 175 cm (5ft 9in). Height in the center - about 4 meter (13ft). The Yurt price includes all decorative elements: felting, Yurt tent band . . . All which you see at the pictures. This Yurt has been used by the Disney Company for production of a movie called "Three Moons Over Milford". A YURT is a transportable collapsible dwelling that came to us from ancient times. It consists of wooden framework, covered with felt. The framework ("kerege") forms walls of the dwelling made of latticed wooden poles: "uyuk" - long wooden poles serve as a cover for the upper spherical portion of the Yurt: "shanrak" is the topmost open part of the Yurt, serving as an outlet for the smoke raising from the hearth, for purposes of ventilation and scanty lighting of the Yurt's interior. Depending on the air temperature the Yurt is covered with two if not more layers of felt. The outermost layer is coated with flat for it to be impenetrable for rain or snow. The Yurt's area ranges from 3 meter to 30-40 meter. Spherical form makes it an exceedingly heat-conserving dwelling. Right in the center of the Yurt one finds a hearth with a cauldron ("kazan") suspended above. The main decoration of the Yurt is carpets ("tekemets") made mostly of felt. The interior looks quite bright owing to a multitude of colorful carpet-strips and ribbons manufactured of wool (by fulling), of felt (by in-laying), of such other materials by weaving, embroidery, wicker-work, etc. Simplicity and feasibility of manufacture, easy and quick assembly, use of natural materials and high transportability turn a Yurt into an ideal dwelling for a nomad. Even now you may encounter a Yurt in the steppe. In case you are interested in buying a Yurt, please contact us at about this matter.◄
  15. White Yurt WILDWOOD CUMBRIA   Wildwood Cumbria are manufacturers of Yurts, or Gers, traditional portable dwellings that provide numerous and varied uses for those who are looking for cost-efficient, permanent or temporary sheltered space. Not a lot of good pictures of their product, but complete buying information available.

    ►Our company background was in custom made joinery and furniture making, but diversified in 2001 when we began to replicate this ancient design, using modern materials and production techniques, for greater ease, speed, and safety of assembly and disassembly. Wildwood Cumbria began solely manufacturing Yurts and customized features for Yurts in 2002, when it became apparent that the structures could be used for such a wealth of purposes. The greater part of our business caters for clients who wish to purchase Yurts for permanent use, however, we also supply our product to those who want to hire them for a one off event. Although fundamentally classed as a tent, Yurts are far stronger and more efficient in their capacity to remain weatherproof all year round. Yurts are constructed using a lattice, circular framework and are therefore easy to put up, take down and store. As well as being available in a variety of different sizes, our Yurts can be specifically adapted to suit a range of different personal or business needs. The unique shape of the Yurt lends a feeling of tranquility, whether you need to house a wedding reception or you want to extend your capacity as a growing business. Whatever your need for a Yurt might be, we are committed to blending our clients vision with our own specialist experience, to produce an environment that is beautiful, versatile and enduring.◄
  16. Little Brown Yurt LAUREL NEST YURTS   Very interesting business located on the East coast in North Carolina. Very nice website. They are manufacturers of Yurts with an emphasis on custom Do-It-Yourself and help people find solutions to get them into a Yurt.

    ►Laurel Nest Yurts is America's affordable Yurt solution. We are committed to being a resource for Yurts and Yurt building information. Whether you wish to build your own Yurt, or have us hand craft one for you, we take the time to make sure that you are informed about the choices you will make when acquiring a Yurt. We want to make sure that your Yurt is built to the standards you value. It is admirable to craft a beautiful and durable Yurt out of the finest hardware, fabric, and wood. We realize that sometimes factors like cost, environmental impact, and availability of resources can play a major role in material selection. Subjects like sustainable harvesting of raw lumber, chemical toxins in synthetic fabrics, wood treatment options, and responsible shipping practices must be considered. Carefully looking at these choices will ensure that your finished Yurt will be sustainable, affordable, and functional. It is for this reason that we feel that it is important to make customers aware of the impacts of their decisions and offer alternative solutions to these important questions.

    • We are committed to being a resource for Yurts and Yurt building information.
    • We are not concerned with selling the world a Yurt, but rather with helping anyone that wants to experience the joys of spending time in a Yurt get that opportunity.
    • We try to incorporate as many sustainable practices into our business as possible.
    • The already low price of our standard Yurt reflects many “options”, and we allow the customer to remove features in order to lower the cost of the Yurt. We make the Yurts using materials that are readily available and fairly easy to acquire; this allows the customer to easily build or replace parts of their Yurt.
    • We offer natural materials for Yurt covers when local and state fire codes permit us to do so.
    We have many Do-It-Yourself options to help the customer reduce costs and allow them to feel the joy of helping to customize and create their own space. These opportunities include assembly options that will reduce the cost of shipping by reducing the size of the crate.
    • We offer different specialty models to appeal to a wide range of uses.
    • We offer Yurt building workshops to teach some of the techniques we have learned and openly share ideas of how to build more affordably.
    • We are continuously trying to localize production by helping to set up manufacturing facilities in many areas of the country and the world in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
    • We are continuously seeking the innovative knowledge and mental resources of all people to help the Yurt design and our company evolve. We welcome any feedback or suggestions that you might have.◄
  17. Nomad Yurt THE NOMAD YURT   Update: As of May 30, 2012 This listing is no longer active. I leave it up here for reference only. I have had this link up for quite awhile and i think Stephanie has changed her business plan slightly and now rents these Nomad Yurt units out to the general public.

    ►The Nomad was designed by Ecoshack founder Stephanie Smith using a "materials reduction" approach. Many of the materials used to make the Nomad are green, including bamboo, WeatherMAX, and Plyboo. You can Rent the Nomad Yurt. Contact us to rent an eco-luxurious Nomad Yurt for an event, trade show or wedding. With a roomy circular interior, a central opening for sunlight and breeze, and a rich material palette, Yurts create a unique – even magical – experience of rest and relaxation for those who inhabit them. Used for centuries, perfect for today. During the day the Nomad offers shade and relaxation. At night, light the interior to create a magical private room. Features: Intimate atmosphere yet roomy. 160 SF of fully enclosed extra space. 8ft tall and 14ft wide, seats 10 – 12. Hand-carved, beautifully detailed bamboo frame. Polished modular wood floor. Weather-resistant, fire-resistant commercial-grade cover (and crown cover) to protect from rain. Portable, easy to assemble, disassemble, move, and store. Affordable rental rates. Transport and assembly included. Southern California area only. The Nomad has been featured in the NYTimes, LATimes, Dwell Magazine, on numerous blogs and more. It's been featured at Dwell on Design and ISPA trade shows, and on the patio at Fred Segal Santa Monica, among many other locations. Contact us to schedule a rental.►
  18. Hexayurt HEXAYURT   This website is pretty neat and shows a new method of building a very low cost personal dwelling.

    ►The HexaYurt is a prize-winning shelter you can build yourself for about $200. Suitable raw materials include common building materials ( fire safe insulation boards), hexacomb cardboard and plastic. You cut six 4ft x 8ft panels in half diagonally to make the roof, and use six more whole panels to form the walls. It takes about two hours. The design is in the public domain. Different materials are appropriate for different uses - insulation, extended life, low cost, durability in extreme environments and so on. The design is in the public domain, and is in active development as a Free/Open Source style project. The HexaYurt Project also includes groundbreaking work on providing simple services like interior lighting at incredibly low cost.   —Vinay Gupta◄
  19. Geo-lite GEO-LITE SYSTEMS   This company sells a Yurt style dwelling using wood panels for walls.

    ►The standard Geo-Lite hybrid-Yurt style dwelling are wood-frame units which can be installed in one day; steel-framed units in 1-1/2 days. Military Surplus Geo-Lite Systems sells plans and rapid set-up kits for hybrid, Yurt-like dwellings with or without utility packages. Utility packages include self-contained systems, systems for connection to conventional utilities and conversion modules which add utilities to shell-type structures made by others. Exterior walls of all units are composed of 4ft x 7ft panels arranged edge-to-edge in a circle. Panels in wood-framed units are framed with wood. The wood frame is left exposed on the inside and no insulation is included. Panels in steel-framed models are framed with 13-16 gauge steel. The interior wall surface of steel-framed units is pre-finished wood paneling. Polyisocyanurate insulation is installed in the wall cavities of steel-framed units. Exposed wood components of all models are finished with a cedar color stain / sealer. The standard roof is made from a vinyl / polyester architectural-grade fabric with a rip-stop composition. Rafters in wood-framed units are wood. Rafters; in steel-framed models are steel tubing. Windows are glazed units in hopper or awning style. All windows are fully openable from inside the dwelling. Doors are glazed, raised-panel type. Windows and doors are available primed for painting or finished with a cedar color stain / sealer. Geo-Lite units can be disassembled and relocated, as desired, or left in place permanently. They are made from building materials equivalent to those used in conventional structures and, with appropriate maintenance, will last just as long.◄
  20. New 20Ft Gertee Yurt BUILDING A NEW 20 FOOT GERTEE   This is the same party (AlaskanTentLady) who submitted a previous article into Instructables about their GerTee Yurt. But, this is a new improved version for your education and enjoyment.

    ►In the spring of 2008 we built a 20x24' wooden platform for a whole new 20 foot gertee. The walls are 7 feet high, the center height is 12 feet, and there's a 4 foot wide roofring with a recycled plastic window covering the hole. Some of the materials for this one were new, i.e. the white marine duck canvas outside wall cover and the 30' pool cover tarp used on the outside roof. Inside the roof is a layer of used parachute. In October I added an inside layer of painter's plastic and covered it with recycled and new RadiantGuard. This gertee was Camp Redington's Alaskan Peoples Museum all summer. We began modifying it into a winter home in late September. The remodel is ongoing. A special thanks to Tim Redington for his carpentry skills and especially for giving us a place to build our weird little huts. We never could have done this without his assistance. His quirky Alaskan pioneer's knack for recycling materials continues to amaze me. This 20 foot model cost $600.00 in wood for the platform, $300.00 in lumber for the frame, approximately $300.00 for exterior coverings and another $300.00 in misc used and new materials. The cost of the recycled materials: priceless.◄
  21. Yome RED SKY SHELTERS   Home of the Yome. Part Yurt, Part Dome - the Yome by Red Sky Shelters is the Affordable Portable Living Shelter.

    ►From ancient principles to modern technology, our ultra stable triangular support framework combines the best of both Yurts and domes. Like a Yurt, the sides are nearly vertical, maximizing the usable space within. Inside, the tallest people can stand comfortably, even near the walls. The roof and walls are made of different materials; one of heavy-duty coated fabric to shed rain, the other specially-treated to be breathable, allowing excess moisture to escape. And both are fire, water and mildew-resistant.
    The dome part of a Yome is based on the same principles pioneered by Buckminster Fuller in his famous Geodesic Dome. No fence-like latticework covers the walls and windows, as in a Yurt. And the whole thing is portable, fitting easily into most vehicles and can be set up or taken down by two or three people in a matter of hours.◄
  22. Rainier Yurts RAINIER YURTS   Check out their new "Heavy Duty Sparrow Model".

    ►Why Buy a Rainier Yurt? When you buy a Rainier Yurt, you get integrity, quality, history, experience and technical expertise. Rainier has been in business for over 100 years, delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Engineering: Rainier Yurts are unique in that they are engineered to meet the new International Building Codes (IBC). Our Yurts are engineered for up to 100-pound snow loads and for winds of 90 miles per hour. Walls: At 7ft 4in, our walls are about a foot-and-a-half taller than other Yurts, making the Rainier Yurt open and expansive not stooped or cramped. Our doors are standard, full-height. Wall styles: The Rainier Eagle model Yurt is uniquely designed with modular panels. The zip-together panels make it easier to position your windows to take the best advantage of sun or shade, as the seasons change. Modular panels are easy to replace, too, if they are damaged. This also makes it easy to carry the pieces of your Yurt into a remote site for set up. The Rainier Raven model Yurt is designed more traditionally, with windows sewn in your specified location. Lattice: Rainier Yurts engineer so well because our lattice is the strongest in the industry. Doors: Our doors use thermal glass. This provides better insulation, less condensation and a surface that cleans easily without scratching. Cables: The structural integrity of any Yurt depends upon the perimeter tension cable that connects the rafters to the wall lattice. Rainier cables are pre-tensioned to prevent future sagging. Rafters: Our lumber is Douglas Fir, hand-selected by our craftsmen; any wood without clear, straight grain is rejected. Each rafter is then sanded and oiled for long-lasting beauty. Compression Rings: Rainier rings are engineered, structurally designed and beautifully crafted. Both Rainier Yurt models feature our exclusive ring/rafter locking system, assuring the stability of your Yurt. Each ring forms a perfect circle to match the circle of the Yurt itself. Standard roof fabrics: Rainier Yurts use top-quality structural fabrics with an acrylic top coat, for roofs. They are warranted for up to 15 years. These fabrics are commonly used in tensile structures, in which fabric spans are self supported between cables or masts. Upgrade roof fabric: Our most common upgrade is to the roof fabric. For a nominal cost, you can get a heavier acrylic vinyl, top-coated structural fabric with a 15-year warranty. Roof and wall Insulation: Rainier uses Low-E, the number one-selling reflective insulation in the country. Roof liner: We use 100% cotton army duck in our Eagle model Yurt. Because this is a natural fabric, it absorbs moisture, and then dries out naturally, preventing condensation inside your Yurt. The Raven Yurt uses a more typical, long life polyester liner. Roof cinching system: Rainier Yurts come with a simple, fool-proof method to cinch the roof to the wall. Our cord is easy to lace and keep clean. Both the Eagle and Raven Yurt systems match grommets with the rafters and lattice for easy installation, better tensioning and attractive finished appearance. Wall fabrics: Rainier's Yurt walls are made with premium grade fabrics with superior coatings and warranties. Our walls are cotton/polyester fabrics with acrylic top coats. Windows: Windows are precisely pre-designed and located to assure perfect fit and alignment. Bottom-of-wall attachment. Rainier walls wrap and cinch under the deck to provide better wall tensioning and a secure seal against weather and insects.◄
  23. Yurt People CALIFORNIA YURTS   This business is located in Talmage, California. It is the product of one man named "David Raitt". It looks to me that all his Yurts are made using wood throughout including the siding and are not portable. They make for great home office or home studios, extra bedrooms or small guest house.

    ►The Yurt People by definition consist of individuals and groups who dwell in and construct Yurts. Yurts are inherently different than other forms of shelter. The primary difference is that this form of architecture utilizes the ancient principles and wisdom of tension and compression used in the traditional felt covered Yurt. Through the efforts of the Yurt People, the Yurt has evolved using these same principles of tension and compression using modern earth friendly engineered materials. To Yurt, is to dwell in a circle with social design.►
  24. Pacific Yurts PACIFIC YURTS   This company has been around for quite awhile and is quite famous. They have a very informational website with lots of pictures.

    ►Standard Features - All Models: Lattice Wall: Expandable, clear, kiln dried, Douglas fir lath. Finished with a wood penetrating oil: Assembled with aluminum "pop-rivets". Standard height is 6ft; optional tall height is approximately 7ft. Rafters: High quality, structural grade Douglas fir, sanded and finished with a wood penetrating oil: Hardware Store Hardened steel pins are inserted in ends which fit into holes in center ring. Center Ring: Beautiful laminated Douglas fir compression ring finished with a wood penetrating oil: Through-bolted for additional strength. Door & Frame: Beautiful solid wood door with inset cedar panels, comes pre-hung in a frame laminated for extra strength. Includes solid brass hinges and quality lockset with lifetime warranty. Standard door height is 67in, optional tall height is 76in. Dome: Durable, low maintenance, 1/4in clear acrylic dome. Optional opener available for extra ventilation. Tension Cable: 1/4in aircraft quality galvanized steel, 7000 LB breaking strength for 20ft, 24ft and 30ft Yurts; 3/16in with 4200 LB breaking strength for 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft Yurts. Windows: Two large windows (54in x 45in). Made of clear vinyl, framed in high UV resistant 2in marine quality velcro. Windows include weather flaps and sewn-in screens. Top Cover: Standard top cover comes with 10 year warranty. This flame retardant vinyl laminate provides excellent durability, low maintenance and protection from the elements. Overhead top seams are electronically bonded together instead of being machine sewn and are impervious to moisture. Our optional heavy duty top cover has a material manufactures warranty of 15 years. Side Cover: Standard side cover is an acrylic coated 100% polyester fabric that provides exceptional strength, durability and low maintenance; easy clip-on design. Detailed Instructions for setting up. Platform construction plans included. Terms: 50% minimum deposit required with your order; balance upon notification that your Yurt is ready for shipment. visa/mastercard/discover accepted. 20% restock charge on canceled invoice total. Because of fluctuating costs, all prices are subject to change without notice.◄
  25. Yurt ALBION CANVAS COMPANY   This company located in England has some of the coolest designs in tents and Yurts and other canvas shelter items.

    ►Welcome to the home of real tents! Traditional cotton canvas, oiled timber poles and frames, ropes, finials and wood pegs. We design and custom build all sorts of tented structures for camping, the garden, events, fixed luxury tented accommodation, film and TV. Browse through our extensive range of beautifully engineered and finished canvas tents. There's something for everyone here; from classic ridge tents through to top of the range Yurts and tipis. Plus if you cant see exactly what you are after we should be able to make it for you. If you own a campsite or land and are looking to diversify, eco-tourism is a growing industry. With our knowledge of camping, experience in supplying campsites and land owners, plus our long standing service record why not give us a call to discuss the possibilities of starting your own luxury tented accommodation business or request one of our free quick guides. Don't forget, if you register on our site you will receive advanced notification of new developments and get additional registered customer only offers.◄
  26. Yurt Works Wolf Creek OREGON YURTWORKS   Pictured is their new 14ft diameter "Wolf Creek Series". I think these people make Yurts out of wood and they are not portable. They are located in Eugene Oregon.

    ►Yurts may be a new idea to some but what Genghis Khan started hundreds of years ago Oregon Yurtworks has refined into state-of-the-art modular round homes. What modern physics recognizes as the strongest simple shape, we feel is also the most striking to the soul - round homes feel great! Within these pages Oregon Yurtworks is pleased to show you some amazing and alluring images to spark your imagination and tantalize your senses. From the ultimate in custom pre-fabricated homes to a refreshing new take on the term "vacation home", we redefine what you thought kit houses were all about.◄
  27. Pacific Yurts THE YURT   This website seems to have been up for a long time and contains a lot of useful information for those of you wishing to live in a Yurt full time, year round. Lots of good pictures of the Yurt foundation/platform building process.

    ►The Yurt. Think of it as a high tech Mongolian teepee. I live in a Yurt on an organic farm in the Willamette Valley in Western Oregon. I have lived here since the Fall of 1995. The cabin I had been living in was crumbling and in imminent danger of sliding into the river. I didn't want to move away from the farm so I needed to provide myself with some temporary living space. After some research, I discovered Yurts. I had no idea that the temporary living space would be so wonderful that I would make it permanent.◄
  28. Yurt made from Greenwood THE YURT FACTORY   This slightly different type of Yurt framing material produces a very earthy feeling. Located in the UK, these Yurts are structures which are strong, economical and long-lasting and will withstand strong winds (no more foraging around looking for your accommodation after a storm!). They can be used for many purposes including,permanent homes, meditation spaces, saunas, information points, story-telling and puppet shows, and even tea and cake stalls!

    ►We offer a unique opportunity to buy completely hand-crafted Yurts made from 100% locally sourced, sustainable, and wherever possible, recycled materials. The green alternative for camping, festivals, concerts, etc. Our Yurts are made from ash or alder, depending on the size, and is locally sourced and sustainable. The trellis is "sewn" together using hand knotted, recycled insulated copper wire, and finished with 2 coats of sikkens preservative. The coverings are made from cordura and canvas. Cordura is a surprisingly lightweight, waterproof material used by the military and many other organizations, and comes in a range of colors and patterns. The one on offer at the moment comes with khaki and olive drab coverings. We only include the outer covering in order to keep costs down which makes owning a Yurt achievable on a budget. Our models are especially easy to erect and dismantle and come with free, detailed instructions. We can also provide you with a hands-on demonstration or provide an set-up and delivery service.◄
    Another homemade Yurt system presented with complete "you build" instructions . . . New addition on

    ►Yurt/Gher Construction 101. A guide to Building Yurts . . . Or more specifically, how I built mine! Based on Knowledge Gained from "Doing it Myself", and reading about it on-line. I've now built three Yurts, for myself and friends, and we go camping in Luxury in these a few times a year. If you like the outdoors, but you hate having to crawl around in pokey little tents then this one's for you! We sleep two of us in luxury in this tent, in a full queen-sized bed! Of course, sleeping on the floor, like a plastic tent, you could probably sleep 20 people, easily! We have dedicated hanging space for our clothes so they don't crumple or anything, and lockable boxes for our belongings (or a lock on the door works too!). When we invite other camping-inclined friends over for a party in our tent, we can comfortably fit 15-20 people in, sitting around on cushions and lounging on the bed and on the rugs on the floor . . . Now that's what I can a party tent! :-). If you like pictures, please be sure to have a look at step 9 - it's got over 50 assembly photos on that step alone!◄
  30. Singing Horse Designs SINGING HORSE DESIGNS   This man is no longer making Yurts for retail sales, but leaves the website up as a public information service.

    ►Welcome to Singing Horse Designs, home of "The Ger". Makers of "The Portable Camping Yurt" for long or short term camping and Outdoor Activities.

    Dear Friends,
    After a 6 year run, I find that worldly considerations are making it impossible for me to continue operating Singing Horse Designs with the energy and focus it requires and deserves. As of March 1st, 2005 I am ceasing my retail operations.
    Customers: Please be assured that Gers-in-process will be completed and shipped. I will continue to be a source of standard replacement parts for at least another year.
    At some time in the future, I may be offering complete plans and instructions for Ger construction, based on what I have learned since building my first Ger in 1985 and the 40-plus I've made for others since then. I intend to maintain this webpage as an ongoing reference for those considering building their own Ger, or who are simply seeking more information on these wonderful structures . . . To those who have freely given their guidance and support, I give my sincere thanks.   —TR King, Singing Horse Designs.◄
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