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  1. The Mongolian Yurt THE MONGOLIAN YURT   Well, this link i am presenting here offers some information on building your own Yurt (an online PDF) and actually it is presented in a two part series with the first part available when you click on the picture at the right and the second part shown when you click here. Anyway, the author states: "At last, complete plans for the construction of your dream Yurt" . . .

    ►The traditional Yurt can be dated at least as far back as the 13th century, when Genghis Khan was turning Mongolia upside down. The original form would be quite similar to the one described below. It would have a frame of wood, with a covering of wool felt. Nomadic families would live in Yurts of various sizes long with their livestock and their few personal belongings. I would like to emphasize another aspect of the Yurt, however - the aspect that will make this space come alive. Anyone can build a Yurt, but it takes a special effort to capture the historic and sacred context of the space.◄
  2. Your Tent Yurt WORKSHOP UNDER THE HILL   I think a lot of you will find this listing interesting. Actually, the URL of this guys business is a little misleading because it is about his Yurt building business not a tent business. But, anyway this business is located in the Czech Republic.

    ►Are you someone who has fallen in love with Yurts for their beauty and simplicity? Or someone who considers a Yurt a great opportunity to live in an uninhabitable area? Or someone who wants to draw attention by hosting an event in a very unique location? Then welcome! I suppose you are familiar with Yurts already, but I will try to sum up the advantages of this centuries-old and proven method of construction:◄

    • A Yurt is spacious.
    • You can setup a Yurt in about one hour.
    • A Yurt is easy to transport on your car or even on your camel.
    • You don't need to stake or anchor ropes to setup a Yurt, all you need is an open area the dimensions of the Yurt.
    • You can setup a Yurt anywhere, on snow, on rocks, on a terrace or on sand.
    • A Yurt is very stable, thanks to its shape and construction.
    • You can make an open fire inside a Yurt for cooking.
    • You can easily install a stove/heater.
    • You can order a Yurt in the exact size you wish.
    • We build Yurts using eco-friendly methods and natural materials (wood, cotton, hemp).
    • Most importantly a Yurt is beautiful and living in it is a special experience.

  3. Complete CircHouse CIRCSHELTER   This Yurt is not your standard type of Yurt building, manufactured (i think) mostly for emergency use, designed for off-grid, extreme environments and remote locations: CAD designed and engineered with CNC accuracy, uses modern technology in polycarbonate and acrylic wall structure, uses recycled steel frame connections with natural wood paneling brought together in both form and function . . .

    ►Whether you are looking for a mountain home, a greenhouse, a rental Yurt, or a structure for humanitarian purposes – you want one of our products – because of our quality, durability, and service. Because of our value. Most of my life and professional career has been spent in some of the most demanding "performance markets" in the world - far away places like Afghanistan and Indonesia, where product quality, durability, and service mean the difference between success or failure for your business or your project . . . Or a difference as to whether people live or die. Shelter Homes engineers and tests our designs; manufactures, distributes, and services our products, like life depends on it. Because for disaster relief agencies, it does. And for the people they serve, it does. That is why we take our responsibilities seriously. Imagine thousands of earthquake victims, 10,000 miles away, standing in hip-deep snow in sandals at 10,000 feet elevation, receiving our emergency circShelter™ and finding missing, sub-standard, or ill-fitting parts. Your purchase from our company – whether a humanitarian relief shelter or a vacation home – meets all the same rigorous standards of design, materials, packing, shipping, schedule performance and Total Quality Control Management, as those demanded by the US military, The United Nations, CARE and other disaster relief responders world-wide. We only do business with value-chain suppliers whom we know, like, and trust. We work hard to ensure that you look to us for the same reasons. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, personally, if you have any questions or concerns about our product, our standards, or our performance.◄
  4. The FOLDED HOMES   This is quite a deal really. They sell personal use and emergency shelters in the form of a Yurt shape. Picture on the right is of their: UtiYurt. "UtiYurts are four-season, double-walled, semi-permanent shelters suitable as refugee shelters or multi-room structures for clinics, schools, aid mission teams, and consumer applications. Passive ventilation cools them in the desert. Insulate them with local biomass in cold climates."

    ►Folded Homes provides environmentally appropriate and cost-effective solutions to human shelter needs. Our shelters are great for personal and business applications. But the company's mission is particularly focused on helping address humanitarian shelter crisis. We believe that a truly effective humanitarian shelter solution is one that quickly delivers large numbers of easy-to-assemble, language-neutral, low-cost, four-season shelters even to locations where transportation infrastructure may have broken down. Folded Homes structures are based on origami architecture and manufactured from safe, recyclable materials. Properly maintained, they will last years. Yurt shelters offer an elegant, utilitarian solution to both emergency and personal use applications. They are easy to assemble without tools, ladders, scaffolding or power. Our single-walled LiteYurt is a superior, price-competitive alternative to the refugee tent that is so simple to assemble that the manual is textless. Thousands can be delivered within weeks. Our double-walled UtiYurts, TekYurts and variably-sized SegYurts are true four-season semi-permanent dwellings. Combine UtiYurts, TekYurts and SegYurts to create complex multi-room structures and compounds suitable for refugees, clinics, schools, aid mission teams, or your family or back-country business location. Customize the Yurts with doors and windows from our shelter accessories kits. Pod shelters invoke "buildings as art" to provide you with a signature structure when your event, trade-show booth, or personal shelter demands a truly beautiful space.◄
  5. Mongolian Yurt GROOVY YURTS   That's their name - i did not make it up! This is a pretty neat and different website. This Yurt building business is located in Quebec, Canada, but they ship everywhere including the lower 48 states.

    ►Mongolian Yurt — Yurts from Mongolia. Original Mongolian Yurts and handicraft for sale in USA and Canada and Yurt rental. High quality Yurts and handicraft made in Mongolia. Organic Yurt & fare trade Yurts! A Yurt is a hand made product. The North American climate is more humid than the Mongolian climate and therefore our Yurts are specially adapted. We ensure the very best materials are used. Our white felt (made in Mongolia) is more resistant to humidity than traditional Mongolian felt. It is very dense and guarantees great insulation. The tarps are also specially selected to best resist the Northern climates. The wood is dried for an extensive period of time and subsequently carved and shaped by our manufacturer's family based 500 km from Ulan Bator, Mongolia's capital.◄
  6. Completed Yurt BJURT YURTS   This totally different Yurt system uses a series of metal connectors to make the framework which is then covered with canvas or whatever you wish to use. Billed as . . . The most amazing new structures since the dawn of time!

    ►A bjurt is a structure inspired by the portable crash pad used by a dude you might have heard of named Genghis khan. That's right, the Yurt. Like a Yurt, the bjurt is stable, roomy, and with a vaulted ceiling to allow heat to rise.
    It is also sturdy and withstands high desert winds. But my man GK didn't have tubular steel, precision manufacturing, or an unnatural obsession with geometry and symmetry. And he was far too busy enjoying the fruits of his conquest to redesign what is almost the perfect structure. Traditional Yurts have significant redundancy. This allows them to be fabricated from the irregular materials available in nature, such as branches and hides. The downside of this redundancy is that Yurts require a large amount of work to create, as well as to set up and break down. The bjurt is a design which concentrates on the primary mechanism of the Yurt, the expandable latticework wall, and distills and harnesses it as the fundamental element of a structure that transforms from a bundle of poles into a self-reinforced dome-like frame. Unlike a Yurt, a bjurt is faster to set up and smaller to store. Each flat wall is made up of a single scissors-like cross piece, and the roof poles are permanently attached at the corners. The whole structure folds up like a camp chair. This makes it quite suitable as a temporary structure for extreme camping, off-road base camps, summer shade for windy back yards, and other demanding applications. Bjurt kits are composed of professionally stamped steel parts, bent for eight-sided construction. Bends are reinforced with stiffening ribs to provide extra rigidity (see photos below). Center rings consist of four quarter pieces and two flat braces, bolted together and secured with thread-lock fluid. Two types of bjurt kits are available. The standard is zinc-coated 12 gauge steel, with a 12in diameter center ring. The ring's two-fingered hinge can accommodate roof poles up to 1.25in wide (such as 1in conduit). This set is best for conduit bjurts. The second option is the 12 gauge 304 stainless steel (12 GA SS304) set with a 16in-diameter center ring and larger top flanges. This wider kit includes larger hinges that can accommodate roof beams or poles up to 1.5in (such as a 2x4 or 2x6). This would be the choice if you were planning a more permanent installation using lumber or other wide stock. Either kit type can be upgraded with 12ga 304 stainless steel Playa Feet. Playa Feet are recommended if the bjurt is to be set up on soft soil or uneven ground. They have an angled pad that keeps the bjurt feet from digging into the dirt, and multiple attachment holes which allows for vertical adjustment on uneven ground. Set-up and tear-down on soft soil are simpler with Playa Feet. On concrete they're not as useful. The 16in ring is available in two configurations: Capped and flow-through. In the standard capped configuration the two cross braces are flat in the plane of the ring, and their flat bolted cross-section results in stronger bracing. In the flow-through configuration, the cross braces are perpendicular to the plane of the ring, for maximal ventilation. This configuration is not as strong, however it is possible to construct a custom flow-through ring which is as strong as a capped one, but it requires extra parts and expense. Completed bjurt frames are available for purchase. They are too large and heavy to ship, so they are available for pickup or personal delivery only. I am located in Orange County, and delivery is available for a fee in all of Southern California, as well as Northern California by arrangement. I do attend Burning Man and other festivals so event-delivery may also be arranged. Contact me for details. Shipping costs $18 to the contiguous United States for octagonal bjurt kits and $11 for shower bjurt kits. Please send questions, comments and purchase inquiries to◄
  7. CAMPING YURTS   This Yurt business based in Oregon, has a very nice informative website, lots of quality pictures and videos of their product. These Yurts they make are "Portable", easily moved from one spot to another.

    ► is a family business started by myself, Richard Waters and my wife Alicia. The inspiration for making camping Yurts came out of our love of camping. We used to camp with a tent, but soon got tired of crawling around on hand and knee. We also need more room for our rapidly growing family. On Food Stamps? We considered large modern tents, but wanted something a little more natural, traditional and unique. Both my wife and I are tall; so we had to have plenty of headroom! I had already helped build a Yurt in England while attending a Traditional Crafts Workshop years before and so we set about to make our own. Yurts or Gers as they are known in their native country of Mongolia, are already very popular here in Oregon with many of the State Parks having permanent Yurts set up for year round accommodation. Many campers in Oregon are very familiar with Yurts, but not with portable camping Yurts. Our camping Yurt created quite a stir at the campgrounds - other campers were intrigued by the portability of our design and many wanted to have a look inside. It was out of this interest that was born. Much has changed since I built the original Yurt and many improvements and design features have been included into the Yurts and kits we now sell. The roof wheel has seen the most improvement. Being integral to the Yurt's structure and strength, many hours have gone into developing and improving it.◄
  8. Clean Air Yurt Model CLEAN AIR YURTS   This is a really nice website with good presentation of their beautifully made products. They ship all over the world.

    ►Every one of our Yurts is unique. We make your Yurt to your exacting specifications. If you need the Yurt to be super light or extra strong, just let us know and we will design the best form for your intended use. Let your imagination be the guide as we will customize your Yurt in any way that you can think! Try getting that service from any other Yurt company. Our portable Yurt tents hold true to the historical design of a truly portable building while incorporating the best of modern technology to make them lighter, stronger, and easier to setup. Like all Clean Air Yurts, the premium hardwoods for the frame are hand-selected and locally cut from sustainable sources, plus all finishes are non-toxic and zero-VOC. Our Yurts contain only 100% local hardwoods that are hand-selected directly from small local sawmills. We know where our wood comes from and can be sure that it is not only sustainably cut, but local as well. Our hardware is sourced from local companies as well as our insulation, and every material that we use is purchased from the closest supplier. By keeping it local, we reduce our impact. We don't just make Yurts, we make the best and most advanced Yurts around. We are the first Yurt company to make the pledge to be 100% vinyl-free. We introduced the Perfect Circle Technology™ to our Yurts that makes setup of our Zephyr Yurt a breeze (pun intended). Plus we have the lightest and strongest Yurts on the market. Our Yurts are finished to the highest quality. Other camping Yurt makers just cut 2x4s for their lattice. Ours is milled from local hardwoods to a perfect thickness with all edges rounded off (because we don't like carrying sharp square edges). Our covers are finished with stainless steel hardware and YKK zippers, only the best. All the details are there, from ring to floor.◄
  9. A Go Camping Yurt for your use GO CAMPING UK   Again, this is not a business which sells Yurts, but you can rent one from them located on their property for a couple nights stay or even longer. They are located in sunny East Anglia, Britain's driest region! They have a very well done website with lots of pictures for you to look at describing their facilities and lodging.

    ►Go Camping UK Ltd is owned and managed by keen campers, Ian and Denise. The company was founded in 2006 as a pre-erected tent holiday supplier but now operates with its original roots in East Anglia but has diversified to offer other alternative camping and posh camping experiences. Through experience, a huge amount of learning and hard work Ian and Denise have developed the company into a successful camping holiday company, being well referenced and marketed on the Internet. Go Camping UK has undergone many changes over the years with Ian and Denise having sought to establish and develop the company into new sectors utilizing their knowledge and experience. Today Go Camping UK provides several services to the glamping and camping sector and has established itself as an expert and consultant in the field.◄
  10. One of Their Rental Yurts NATURES PATH TIPI & YURT HOLIDAYS   This business listed here does not sell Yurts, but offer only a temporary Yurt living experience in the form of a vacation place or as they call it in the United Kingdom - a 'holiday' experience.

    ►At Natures Path Tipi and Yurts we have created a unique camping experience to be enjoyed by all. Whether your coming as a couple or a family you'll find a whole range of things to see and do from chilling out by our fishing lake, exploring the local villages or visiting the beautiful Norfolk coastline. Our Cloud House Yurt and our Moon Beam Yurt are large eighteen foot authentic, handmade Mongolian Yurts, which are spacious inside and have decorative paintwork and come with a traditional roofing layers which consist of several layers to provide insulation, to keep you warm on chilly nights but cool on hot summer days. All of our Yurts come with a kitchen equipped area with a Calor gas stove, grill, pots, pans & crockery. Outside each Yurt there is a campfire and barbeque, hammock and eating/seating area for that special evening under the stars. Each Yurt sleeps up to five people. Natures Path Authentic Yurts are colorful and comfortable, inside you will have a double bed, futon for extra seating, handmade rugs, cushions, throws and beautiful sheepskin rugs for added luxury. Also provided is a wood burning stove for the colder nights, with tea lights and solar twinkle lights, our Yurts become a romantic yet practical camping experience with a difference.◄
  11. Colorado Trail Yurt HINSDALE HAUTE ROUTE   Hinsdale Haute Route is a grassroots all volunteer organization and a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation which offers what looks like a long distance backwoods trail system for hikers. They station Yurts along the route for overnight use as a place to sleep before moving on to the next stop or Yurt.

    ►About Colorado's Highest Hut System. Our "Secret" little hut system offers the finest in winter back country self-reliance. Ski or snowshoe with your friends or family to any of the four Yurts in our hut system. We are proud to have been rated one of safest, most spectacular, and most remote hut systems in The Colorado Hut to Hut Guide by Brian Litz. The Hinsdale Haute Route is Colorado's highest hut system, located in the San Juan Mountains, along the Continental Divide high above the friendly little town of Lake City. Hinsdale Haute Route opened its first Yurt in the winter of 1991-92, and since that time we have added three more Yurts to the system. Hinsdale Haute Route is a Colorado non-profit organization, operated and maintained by volunteers. We operate with the help of the Colorado Trail Foundation. The Hinsdale Haute Route offers three Yurts located high atop the Continental Divide, generally following the La Gartia Stock Drive trail. The system is generally safe from any major avalanches. Most of the hut system is at or above the timberline, and offers vistas of the Weminuche Wilderness to the southwest, five 14,000' peaks to west and northwest, as well as views of the La Garita Mountains to the east. Welcome!◄
  12. Yurt Info Book YURT INFO DOT ORG   This is the website of the author of a Yurt blog and this website. was created by author Becky Kemery as a companion website to her book Yurts: Living in the Round. The purpose of this site is to be a comprehensive educational website on Yurts providing both information and inspiration and assisting the worldwide Yurt community in making connections.

    ► is a not-for-profit site created to share Yurt information and assist the worldwide Yurt community in making connections. We will continue to expand this site as the Yurt movement expands. We welcome your questions, feedback and any information you'd like to share with the Yurt community. While researching gers and Yurts for her book YURT: Living in the Round, author Becky Kemery realized the need for a central informative, comprehensive website on Yurts. So was born and later was renamed Becky Kemery has lived in Yurts for many years in the mountains of the American Northwest. Her book, YURTS: Living in the Round, was completed while living in her own portable fabric Yurt on a permaculture homestead in North Idaho. Becky's articles on sustainable building are available online at Alternatives Magazine and Hopedance. She continues to speak about Yurts around the country.◄
  13. YURTA   I like this Yurt a lot. They can use a synthetic covering on this Yurt. It is highly portable, very lightweight.

    ►Welcome to YURTA (Canada), the website of a unique contemporary shelter that is: Steadfast, Quick to install, Light-weight, Easy to transport, Minimal in footprint. The YURTA is an original design developed to provide a strong yet truly portable dwelling that is rooted in nomadic tradition. Traditional Yurts are considered to be portable structures. If you require a shelter that will provide a very comfortable space with a capacity to be easily moved then YURTA is the right choice. Our goal is to build strong, comfortable and inspiring living spaces in the best of tent making tradition. We make one size and we make it well. The Yurta with insulation weights 380lbs/ 172kg and can be set-up or taken-down by 2 people in about 2 hours. We offer a 17ft / 5.2m (diameter) Yurta with 2 wall height options. It features 3 large windows and a large operable dome. For larger spatial needs we recommend interconnecting multiple units. Please browse through this site to discover the many unique features of YURTA and contact us directly with any questions that you may have. We have been designing, developing and making the Yurta since 2004 in Lanark Highlands, Ontario on the picturesque outskirts of Canada's Capital Region. These little buildings are a source of inspiration and creative drive. We believe that even micro-architecture can be great. We strive to produce the Yurta in a conscientious manner with respect to the client, community and environment. Our rural based studio is the hub where we design, develop, test and produce the Yurta. Several components are out-sourced and made for us specifically by other trades such as carpenters and metal smiths. We support small independent local shops and rely on their workmanship to meet the high standards that we have come to expect. The proximity between design and production allows us to maintain attention to detail and quality as well as the expertise to customize and develop a specific variation. Our covers and insulation are sewn in-house as one of the more challenging parts of creating a Yurta. There are many options in material choices and finishes. The main structure, visible on the inside, is made of wood; showcasing the natural feel and aesthetic qualities of the Yurta (such as the frame). The outer covers are sewn with great care and precision and can be made of various materials, like marine canvas or polyesters. Above all, we are here to offer continued support to all our clients past and present. Give us a call!   —Marcin Padlewski & Anissa Szeto-Padlewska◄
  14. Nomadic Yurts NOMADIC YURTS   Update: As of May 30, 2012 This listing is no longer active. I leave this listing up for reference only. New Zealand based Yurt business also will be offering a Yurt hotel: "Comfortable Eco-friendly Mongolian Yurt style accommodation on the Otago Central Rail Trail, Aotearoa, New Zealand. (Website under construction - Yurt Hotel is planned to be opening October 2009 - watch this space)."

    ►Genuine Mongolian Gers for sale in New Zealand.
    The Benefits are:
    -Easily relocatable with minimal impact on the environment.
    -Simple, traditional Mongolia design, tried, tested and improved over thousands of years.
    -Beautiful, intricate paintings on the door, uprights, center piece and radial poles.
    -Traditional designs on the internal fabric and the external canvas.
    -Thick felt insulation.◄
  15. Nomad Shelter NOMAD SHELTER   This is a quality looking outfit. Based in Homer, Alaska for sales in Alaska and from their base at the dock in Seattle, Washington for shipments going to the lower 48 states.

    ►Yurts by Alaskan Yurt Manufacturer Nomad Shelter - Quality Alaskan Yurts. We at Nomad Shelter build, sell and rent the toughest Yurts available for sale. They are the most comfortable, aesthetically inviting experience in low-impact living. Our Yurts are perfect for extreme weather camping or as primary residences in all climates and conditions - We've drawn on 20 years of personal experience building and living safely in Yurts in communities all over Alaska, and perfected our design with trial, error, and professional engineering. Our Yurts have been tested and proven in some of the harshest environments found anywhere. Our Yurts are perfect for extreme weather. They are among the toughest, most versatile portable shelters for sale. We and our many customers have, and continue to live, comfortably in our Yurts in almost every Alaskan climate. Each of these distinct environmental challenges has forced our engineering to adapt and modify. We have no "Light Duty" model. Our basic design is a culmination of years of intense trial and adaptation to extreme weather.◄
  16. 10ft wide Yurt Picture YURT WORKSHOP   This Yurt building business is located in the United Kingdom. They mention on their website they ship to any place around Europe. Maybe they would ship to the US if a buyer was willing to pay the cost which might be quite high. Picture on the right is of their smallest size Yurt: 'At ten feet wide and eight feet high this Yurt is surprisingly roomy. In fact, it can be used as a permanent dwelling to house two adults with a cooking area, wood burner stove, and storage area. One recent customer spoke of it's Tardis like interior. It's great for camping and very easy to transport'.

    ►Rob and Ratna first learned Yurt making from one of the UKs most experienced Yurt makers and then traveled to central Asia to continue training and refining their technique and design. Our aim is to bring quality and authenticity to European made Yurts. Often we have found European Yurts to lack attention to detail and to overlook some of the essential characteristics of the Yurt. As one of Europe's best known Yurt makers we strive to bring you the best. We welcome you to visit us and stay in one of our Yurts, visit the workshops and find out about our work.◄
  17. Little Foot Yurts LITTLE FOOT YURTS   This traditional Yurt manufacturer is based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. They seem to build their product from scratch, just about. Everything is homemade.

    ►Why Choose a Little Foot Yurt? We are a small family business blending our artistic skills of green woodworking, textiles and ancient building techniques to provide quality traditional style Yurts. Simple design allows clients to set up and dismantle with ease. By utilizing round wood we create beautifully hand crafted Yurts each one unique and individual. Hand made Yurts use less resources and energy to provide a very strong long lasting shelter. We use an Egyptian weave cotton canvas for our coverings which does not produce off gases or capture condensation on the inside of the Yurt. We support local well-managed woodlots that practice horse logging (Lance Bishop's farms in Kentville) and support local business (Schooner Rope & Line in Lunenburg). We practice and promote coppicing: a sustainable silver culture practice. We use ancient building techniques such as riving, steam bending & ironmongery to build our Yurts.◄
  18. GerTee Portable Yurt GERTEE   Another homemade portable Yurt from This article submitted by "AlaskanTentLady".

    ►GerTee - Portable tent home made of recycled materials. Gertees are round houses made of sticks and poles tied together with zipties and covered with cloth or other materials. Each one is as unique as the owner who builds it. All Ger/Yurts can be tailor made to fit any kind of budget. Many builders world-wide offer varieties of the Yurt at prices ranging from 2 to 25K. My variations, based on the original Mongolian Ger design, expand the concept to include more people who don't have the 2K. American made, high end Yurts are so well constructed and modern they are getting HUD approval. In English towns residents are overturning municipal codes prohibiting odd looking tent homes. Yurts are a growing option for camping in National Parks and Wilderness areas. They also have an emerging fan base in the sustainable development-green community. These may be perfect for creative people who want to try something new or they may be an optional shelter for homeless disaster victims in areas full of scrap lumber and salvageable materials. People from all backgrounds and income brackets can build these very comfortable little round home for themselves, and even the lowest end ones are very cute and sturdy.◄
  19. Mountain Wind Yurt Display Model MOUNTAIN WIND YURTS   Very simple rigid wall Yurt. Relatively new business in Texas. Very strong design.

    ►We are a small company based out of Cypress, Texas. These Yurts came from a long string of small reasonable housing concepts. After searching and building many different designs we finally came across what we feel is the best and most reasonably priced small housing solution.
    We can offer a full 12ft Yurt complete with insulation, siding, a door and a window for less than half of what most Yurt companies are getting for comparable units. We have experimented with many different housing solutions and other projects to try to increase the quality of life for ourselves and others. Our projects range from electric cars to Solar and Wind power solutions. It's important to us to be able to provide the highest quality products at the best possible prices. We are currently offering two different sizes of Yurts, 12ft and 16ft. Every Yurt we make comes complete with everything you need start to finish, with the exception of a level area and the cement blocks to set the Yurt up on. Our Yurts structure is 100% metal to make them strong, long lasting and easy to setup. They consist of two floor pans, two wall sections, 16 rafters and a compression ring. They can be built by 2-3 people in 4-5 hours depending on skill levels. From floor pans to the roof and insulation, you get everything. We are based out of Cypress, Texas and build Yurts both in Texas and New Mexico. You won't find a better Yurt for the price.◄
  20. Colorado Yurts THE COLORADO YURT COMPANY   One thing to say about this company is that they have been in business for quite awhile as far as i can tell. Nice website and good looking products with plenty of pictures of Yurts in use.

    ►At the Colorado Yurt Company we integrate a handcrafted wooden frame made from hand selected, stress rated lumber with state of the art industrial fabrics, to make our Yurts strong and beautiful and fully engineered without losing sight of the simplicity, integrity, and beauty of the original Asian Yurts. Eye pleasing, comfortable and secure, our Yurts are unsurpassed in quality and detail. You will find our Yurts on mountainsides and backyards; on beaches, prairies, and deserts; in the tropics, way up north, and the world over. Colorado Yurts can be tailored to meet whatever the climate or conditions require. Create the space you long for in a Yurt: luxurious, simple, or somewhere in between. With its circular design and spacious interior, the Yurt encourages both social activity and quiet contemplation. With a few friends, you can put a Yurt up in a day or two. Wire it, heat it and plumb it just like a traditional home. Or go off the grid and live sustainably. Create big family meals in the kitchen. Add a bathroom or a luxurious spa. Based on the traditional Mongolian Yurt, also known as a ger, the affordable, durable, modern Yurt could be just what you're looking for!◄
  21. Dorset Yurts JESSOP YURTS   This is basically Mike Jessop's online business card. Not a lot of info here but check it out anyway.

    ►Yurts for sale or hire. Handmade Yurts by Mike Jessop, Dorset-based Yurt designer/maker. Mike Jessop makes Yurts - small or large - for sale or hire in Dorset and nationwide. Mike is based in West Dorset and is a true Yurt enthusiast, bringing his customary enthusiasm and energy to the craft of Yurt making. The Yurts he makes are for sale or hire - whether you're in Dorset, or anywhere else come to that! So, if you are looking to hire a Yurt for that special party or event, or if you'd like to commission Mike to make a Yurt for you, just give him a ring or write to:◄
  22. Yurt 6m Diameter CANVAS & CAST   Nice family business located in the United Kingdom. They sell Bell Tents, Spinnaker Tarps, Wood Burning Stoves, & Yurts. Last time i looked they had 3 sizes of Yurts available for purchase.

    ►Canvas and Cast is a small but perfectly formed company dealing in the importing and wholesale distribution of a range of carefully sourced canvas and cast iron products, a selection of which are featured here on this website. Canvas & Cast are happy to discuss all individual Yurt, bell tent or Tipi orders with customers to ensure complete satisfaction. We can deliver your Yurt or bell tent anywhere in the UK. We have striven to produce the finest Yurt on the market, and we back that up with first rate after sales care. We offer a no quibble 12 month guarantee, and will replace any tent that develops a fault. Come and see our full range of Yurts, and we will be happy to discuss any requirements or questions you may have. Contact us to arrange a visit. Check out our Gallery for a proper look at what we offer. (more photos are added all the time, its often the first place that you will see a new product). We are happy to cater for individual requirements, such as GREEN Yurts(!) coming soon. Finally, if you wish to see a Swatch Sample of our 350gm Canvas, call us up and we will send you one. All our products have been rigorously field tested before becoming available. Based down in South Devon we aim to provide great products at great prices, with great service thrown in for good measure. Our HQ is an old flower nursery and cricket pavilion of two acres where we hand finish , pack and distribute each product. Please come and visit us and see all of our products on display.◄
  23. Fiberglass Yurt FIBERGLASS YURTS   Update: As of May 30, 2012 This listing is no longer active. I leave this listing up for reference only. I think this business is located in Norfolk, Nebraska. This is a very unique product, maybe this business has no competition that i know of. The system is comprised of fiberglass reinforced plastic much like the hull of a fiberglass boat or automobile body.

    ►Alternative Buildings is your supplier for truly unique and innovative buildings, utilizing an insulated fiberglass panel system. Our new modern composite Yurt assembles fast, is easily customized, and best of all, the cost is very affordable. We have several sizes and options to choose from, making it possible to fit almost any budget.

    Fiberglass Yurt Applications:

    Residential: As a permanent equity building or money saving family home.
    Recreational: As a second home, hunting lodge, or campsite.
    Temporary Shelter: As an emergency and short term structure. (Assemble in 4 to 6 hours with hand tools even in remote locations.)
    Industrial/Commercial: As an equipment shelter, supply storage, retail shop, temporary office, etc.
    Yurt Design Services offered.
    Custom Design: We offer custom design services to help personalize your Yurt.
    Customized Rent-To-Own Program: Custom tailored programs available for all fiberglass Yurts.
    Range of Available Sizes: Sizes range from 15.4ft diameter, 181 SF to 51.3ft diameter, 2011 SF. Other sizes available. Cost-effective: Unparalleled pricing starts at around $15 per square foot.◄
  24. Painted Yurt ULAANTAIJ MONGOLIAN YURTS   Alright, this is the real deal Bill Steel. Authentic Yurts made in Mongolia.

    ►Welcome to Ulaantaij. We are the worlds No. 1 resource on Mongolian Yurts. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge on Yurt style, design, quality, history and more. What's a Yurt for? Cool in summer, warm in winter. Yurts range from 13 - 52 feet in diameter. Great as a weekend getaway, children's play house, spare room, permanent or temporary housing, yoga or meditation space, party venue, campground rentals and more. Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World. It's seems to be the norm for foreign companies entering third world markets to exploit the country, it's workforce, the environment and sidestep government regulations. Nike, Asda, B&Q, Rio Tinto have all done or are continuing to do it. Get rich quick , grab it now, take it over, cut costs, amalgamate it, all hidden behind the term "shareholder value". We obviously do not agree with this and aim to ensure that we treat our workforce with respect and dignity. Paying a fair days wage for a fair days work. Equal opportunities to all, race, sex, religion or social background play no part in our company. We help those without a trade to learn one. We ensure we meet and exceed our social and health care obligations to our workforce. We act as a model corporate citizen of Mongolia. We source all our wood from government approved sources. We will not use illegally logged wood. We ensure all waste materials are recycled or used in a socially responsible manner.◄
  25. Burningman Yurt YURT WITHOUT STEEL   For those of you who are low on cash but still want your own personal Yurt, maybe this is the way to go for you. This piece copied from the Instructables website.

    ►I built this 10 foot diameter Yurt without metal fasteners from free materials. It has the same proportions as the "standard" Mongolian ger scaled down. The varnished wood and white liner give it a marvelous feeling inside. Lots of people told me this was the best shelter they'd seen at Burningman.
    Yurt" is the Russian word. "Ger" is the Mongolian.
    Most of the wooden parts are sawed from the slats of a futon couch. The wall lattice pivots are knotted cord. The door frame is made from hockey sticks. The smoke ring is an aluminum bicycle rim. At Burning Man I set the Yurt up on top of my truck's lumber rack on a platform of redwood boards. That enabled us to drive around and move camp easily.◄
  26. Smiling Wood Yurts SMILING WOOD YURTS   They describe themselves as: "Makers of fine handcrafted wooden Yurts".

    ►We are a small family owned and operated business located near the small town of Twisp, in the beautiful Methow Valley, on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains in North Central Washington State. We have been in the business of designing and building unique homes, custom cabinets and fine furniture for over 25 years. Round and out of the ordinary has been the main theme of our creations. We have put all of our learned skills and knowledge to use in the design and creation of our Yurts. Our Yurts are built with the highest quality construction grade lumber available. The walls are 2x4 construction with an optional upgrade to 2x6 if you need the extra space for more insulation. The walls are sheathed with a 1/2" shear panel, covered with a vapor barrier and sided with 1x6 tongue and groove western red cedar. (All wood components exposed to the weather are western red cedar). The walls are screwed to each other and to the floor. A cable secures the tops of the walls together. The rafters are structural 2x4 or 2x6 Douglas fir or stress tested lumber, with the optional upgrade to 2x8 if you need more insulation or roof load capacity. The central compression ring is laminated of three to eight layers of Douglas fir lumber, twelve pieces each in each layer, glued and screwed together. Rafters are bolted to the top plates of the walls and pinned/bolted to the compression ring. A cable holds the rafters in firmly to the compression ring. Eaves and bird blocking are made of western red cedar and screwed to the rafters. The metal roof is 22 gauge galvanized metal, which can be painted. It is secured to the roof structure with roofing screws and bolts.◄
  27. Woodland Yurts WOODLAND YURTS   This is a very nice website located in the UK (England) with some information about building your own Yurt and they also have a book about Yurts called "The Complete Yurt Handbook" by Paul King.

    ►Woodland Yurts makes a variety of nomadic tents to the highest standards. Each Yurt frame is hand built using selected hardwoods from the local community forest. Each proofed cotton cover is tailored to fit its frame exactly. We make Yurts in a variety of styles and sizes, all of which have been tried and tested over many years. The proprietor, Paul King has been making Yurts since 1991, has studied Yurt making in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan and is the author of three books on the subject. If you prefer to build your own Yurt this site will tell you how. If you are studying Yurts this site will give a wealth of information.◄
  28. Go Yurt GO YURT   This appears to be an outstanding product. Give these folks a try. Looks to be a new and very well designed portable Yurt system. Made in Oregon and shipped anywhere.

    ►Our shelters are the only Yurts available that are focused on being highly portable and lightweight. Our design is completely unique, and offers many advantages for those looking for a Yurt that can go anywhere. Hand finished in limited quantities, each GoYurt shelter is individually numbered. Mindful of our impact on the environment, we have done our best to make our shelters from renewable and recyclable materials that are made to last. We currently offer a 13ft diameter Yurt which can be setup by one person. This size is a great balance between size and weight. 11 foot and 16 foot versions are in development. We are considering building even larger Yurts using our system, but are staying focused on highly portable structures right now.◄
  29. Yurt Being Built YURTCAMP   Nice website here and lots of Yurts for you to vacation or 'Holiday' in or at. Another popular place for you to experience a taste of Yurt living.

    ►Yurtcamp Devon is the ultimate glamorous camping, or "glamping", experience for those who seek the simplicity of living under canvas without giving up the quality and comfort of more conventional holidays. ADULT DIAPERS We have twenty contemporary Yurts of two sizes set in forty acres of beautiful Devon woodland. The smaller ones are ideal for couples and the larger ones ideal for up to six to accommodate family and friends. Each Yurt has a log burner and is fully equipped for cooking, sleeping and relaxing in and has its own outdoor fire pit offering the facility for barbeques. As we don't allow dogs on site your sausages are safe! Most of our Yurts are sited in small groups offering a pleasant village atmosphere whilst allowing guests their own space. But for those seeking more solitude, we have Yurts sited remotely in a tranquil woodland setting. The overall interior effect is one of greater space and comfort than that offered by more conventional camping yet keeping that special outdoors camping feel. Our Yurts are designed and manufactured by us to a very high standard giving a fresher and spacious version of the more traditional models. With their beautiful, large glazed domes they are light and airy giving the feeling of being part of the great outdoors. On site we have two farm animal pens, a games field, a zip wire, a woodland adventure course, a tennis court and children's play areas plus our excellent café bar, The Wood Café, serving a wide variety of food and drink from breakfast through to dinner. We are situated midway between Exeter and Plymouth in the foothills of Dartmoor, close to the South Hams and the beautiful English Riviera offering Blue Flag beaches at Dawlish, Teignmouth, Torquay and Paignton. There are also many tourist attractions around to satisfy all tastes from culture to history and the all- important days out for the children. So if you fancy camping in Devon with all the nice experiences and none of the nasty ones come and stay at Yurtcamp. This indeed is camping with a difference!◄
  30. Sample View of Webpage Drawings THE CONSTRUCTION OF A YURT   This is a small webpage which explains in black & white literally some details on building your own Yurt. Some of you may find it helpful, that is why i am including it here. Picture on the right is a preview sample of what the drawings look like for the entire page. I have not read it thoroughly so i cannot comment on how good or useful this information is, you will have to decide for yourself.

    ►The Mongolian Yurt, or Ger, is a round, nominally portable, self-supporting structure suitable for camping in comfort. It does not rely on ropes or stakes to hold itself up; rather, the walls, rafters, roof ring, and tensioning bands all work against each other, in a marvel of physics and engineering, to keep the structure standing. It is thus an especially appealing structure for camping events where space is at a premium, such as Pennsic, because all of the space it requires provides useful living space — no extended ropes are required as they are for pavilions. SCA campers have also found other useful features that the Mongols must have designed into the structure. A Yurt does not even think about moving or falling down in a storm; consider, for example, the winds out on the steppes. With a pavilion, the structure is provided by the roof canvas and ropes; if any of these gives, the pavilion comes down. With a Yurt, the wooden frame provides the structure and is much more stable. The Yurt frame also has a lot of redundancy built in; if a single rafter or piece of wall fails, the structure is not affected.◄
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