W elcome to my collection of available prefab Yurt kits for sale by Yurt businesses and information on how to build your own Yurt from scratch. Included on this page are both portable and non-portable Yurts. Web Master Most of the non-portable Yurts are made out of wood or have wood siding. Actually, i am not sure as to whether a 5 sided or multi-sided structure made out of wood is really a Yurt at all, but until i find out i will leave things as they are. As you probably already know Yurts are an Ancient shelter system with beginnings in the country of Mongolia near China and Russia. In fact, they are still being used in that area today. It is not unusual to see a Yurt in Mongolia with a modern day car parked right beside it for the families transportation. On my website i thought the Yurt section would be quite popular, but it has not proven to be a very popular page. It seems like a Yurt would be a better shelter than a wall tent, you can place a wood stove in the center easier and i would think that a Yurt would be more wind resistant. But they don't seem to be very popular. Oh Well, i like them. Also, want to mention that you can click on the starting link for any listing here or the picture on the right to take you to the listings website. All links open in another tab on your browser because people have complained to me that using the backspace or return key on your computer many times will not load the previous page properly.

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